Student Life

Living, working and playing together, Stagedoor campers develop friendships that last long after camp.

Campers all have one thing in common: Stagedoor kids love theatre! Time spent on stage and in classrooms is also time spent discovering a world of shared interests and support.

And what a world it is!  This summer, Stagedoor campers come from 6 continents, 24 countries, and 46 states!

The counselors at Stagedoor are also top-notch. Each are involved in professional or university theatre and are 21+. With a ratio of 290 campers to 160 staff, supervision is mature and involved.

living, working and
playing together,
campers develop
friendships that last long
after camp.


We are located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State. Once a former resort hotel, the facilities are far more comfortable than the conventional summer camp.

Three to six campers share a carpeted dormitory-style room, which has private bath, twin or bunk beds, full-size closet and dressers.

Our modern, 24-hour Health Center is supervised by a full staff of resident nurses. Beautiful landscaped grounds give the place a campus atmosphere.


What sets us apart from other performing arts training centers are not just the top-notch production values and unique environment, but the classes and training that we provide to each of our campers. Each session, our campers enroll in six different classes ranging from acting, musical theatre, vocal training, movement, dance, film acting, stage combat and so much more. We offer a vast amount of options and, each year, our program develops and expands.

Campers can explore our 60 core classes as well as more than 25 specialty classes that are offered based on the expertise of our incoming staff. All campers take an Acting-based class, a Movement-based class (does not need to be dance), and a Vocal-based class (does not need to be singing).


Sports are non-competitive for those who want to join in. Stagedoor offers a wide variety of recreational activities. We have Volleyball and a full-size outdoor pool!

Evenings are filled with video dance parties, open-mic coffee house, relaxation with friends, outdoor movies, and student-organized games and showcases.


Healthy selections offered in our air-conditioned dining hall include a fully stocked salad bar, as well as many vegetarian choices. Campers may return to the serving line as often as they wish.

For snacks, we offer a canteen filled with a variety of chocolate bars, ice creams, and chips — not to mention bottled water and fruit bars.

We strive to meet the individual dietary needs of our campers. Please contact us – before registering – if your child requires a special diet.

Daily Schedule

At Stagedoor, our time is divided equally in 3 ways: Rehearsals. Classes, and Recreation. Take a look at our typical Daily Routine.

8:15      Wake-up
8:30     Breakfast
9:15      Morning Rehearsal
11:55     Lunch
12:45    Class 1
1:50      Class 2
3:00     Afternoon Recreation
4:15      Class 3
5:45     Dinner
6:30     Evening Rehearsal
8:45     Evening Rec
10:00   Camper Curfew